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Accounting Offices: The Best Practices

Maybe you are a small business with only one office that has to perform several office functions, without the luxury or a separate accounting office. Maybe you are a freelance accountant, working out of a home office. Perhaps you are just getting into accounting professionally and aren’t sure of the processes. In all of these […]


Accounting Vocabulary: G-J

Welcome to the next installment of my accounting vocabulary series, where I define some of the most important vocabulary words in the field of accounting. Here are a few important accounting vocabulary terms starting with letters G through J. View D-F here, and you can read A-C here! Learning the vocabulary involved within accounting practices […]

Small Business Tax Deduction Tips

  Running a small business isn’t cheap. As the saying goes: “It takes money to make money.” And that’s especially sure for the small business owner. I’m here to tell you about some of the money you may be spending this year that you can use for deductions at tax time that may lower the […]

6 Helpful Tips For Filing Your Taxes As A Freelancer

Many would consider being a freelancer a dream job. You don’t need to commute, you can work when you want, and there is generally a lot of freedom. But when tax season comes around, freelancers will remember the one thing that isn’t so fun about their work style. If you’re a freelancer, you already know […]

The Biggest Upcoming Trends In Accounting Technology

Technology is one of the biggest factors affecting how companies do business. With the constantly changing technological climate of the world around us, accounting software companies are constantly working to build new products. In the past, accounting has lagged behind some other industries, but this year it seems that accounting is bringing itself into the […]

Five Common Tax Mistakes That Are Easy To Avoid

Filing your taxes is extremely important, and making a mistake when doing so can lead to serious repercussions. With all of the information that needs to be filled out, people are bound to make errors. It’s important to make sure you’re not one of those people. Here are a fews tips to help you avoid […]

Banks and Small Business

One of the most important relationships that all business owners will have during the life of their business will be the one they maintain between themselves and their bank. The banking relationship between business owner and their bank is not only important because it is the place where deposits and withdrawals are made. It is […]

Accounting Vocabulary: Letters A-C

Accounting can be very confusing. It is an industry with an in-depth vocabulary and for the layman, it can be hard to understand. Here are the most common accounting terms, letters A through C. View D-F here. Learning the vocabulary involved within accounting practices is important because again, it allows for a deeper level of […]

Tax planning Advice for Individuals and Small Businesses

One of the best things that both individuals and small businesses can do to avoid stress at tax time is to start preparing early. Before the new year comes, there are a few things that can be done in order to avoid a large tax liability, as well as stress in filing. As I scoured […]

Best Accounting Practices for Small Business

Many small businesses could save themselves a whole lot of stress if they were to follow a set of best accounting practices. Implementing some of these could save time, headaches and in extreme situations, legal ramifications. Here is a list of Best Accounting Practices for Small Businesses. Practice good accounting from the very beginning Good […]

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