Working with an accountant is a decision many people would like to make in order to improve their financial situations. If you fall into this category, you likely know that hiring a person who has strong mathematical skills is imperative; however, focusing on the accountant’s personality traits is important too as you will work closely with this individual.


When it comes to your money, you want to make sure that you know what’s happening with it. Some money-hungry individuals prey on potential clients who will provide them with large sums of cash. Then, they turn around and use it for avaricious purposes instead of employing proper accounting techniques. Feeling a strong sense of confidence in your accountant requires trust, and when the accountant is honest with you from the start, you can start to build that trust. Looking into the accountant’s reputation is imperative.


If you remember back to your days in high school, you might recall learning about logic and truth tables in your math classes. Mathematical and logical skills are linked together in many ways. Therefore, logic plays a role in accounting. During your conversations with the accountant, proceed with caution if he or she begins to spew illogical claims. The way that the accountant’s approach real-life challenges can help to shed light on how they will handle your money.

Strong Communication Skills

While you cannot expect your accountant to update you every few hours on your financial situation each day, you do deserve to know where your money stands and how it is doing in terms of investments. You may find that the accountants you’re interviewing tend to equivocate, or you may discover that some of them have poor grammar to the point that you cannot decode their emails. Staying up-to-date on your financial situation is important; in order to do so, you must work with an accountant who possesses strong communication skills.


Think about how you are viewed if you show up late for work or class. The answer is probably not a favorable one. If you are scheduled to meet with potential accounts and they arrive late, you should ask yourself how many times you are willing to accept lateness. Even when the lateness does not directly affect your monetary situation, it does tell you something about the accountant’s responsibility. He or she is unable to handle timeliness, so his or her skills may not be the best when it comes to finance either.


When you’re discussing your situation in terms of finance, you may have to reveal personal details about mistakes that you’ve made. In fact, your entire financial situation may need to be transparent to the account. When accounts present themselves with a negative or unwelcoming demeanor, you probably won’t want to offer those details. While you don’t need to transmute into best friends with your accountant, you do need to feel a level of comfort with this individual.

Considering the personality of prospective accountants is important. In doing so, you can create the most beneficial situation for you and your money.